SECURE (up to 3000 mm wide) BALUSTRADES.

Glass balustrades with a high quality finish. Stylish, functional and designed with safety in mind. Care-free and un-obstructed view.

Multi-functional plus easily installed. Glass panels up to 3 meters wide with 12mm – 17mm glass which can be top, side mounted and even recessed installed. Once installed, the seamless system gives you endless viewing pleasure and entertains an upmarket experience that any homeowner will enjoy.

So kick off those shoes, throw your hat aside and ENJOY THE VIEW.


Glass Force Projects has taken the initiative to summarize the Building Regulations around Frameless Balustrades, so that we can work together, thus placing the safety of your family first.
Family Dwelling Regulations:

  • Provide guarding(balustrade) for heights of 600mm or more.
  • Minimum height for stairs, landings, ramps edges of an internal fall, are 900mm for all elements.
  • Minimum height for external balconies, including Juliette balconies and edges of roofs, are 1 100mm.
  • For children under 5; please ensure that a 100mm sphere cannot pass through any openings.
  • To prevent children climbing unnecessarily, avoid the use of horizontal rails.
  • Use toughened laminated glass, if no suitable handrail is in place.
  • When fixing with side mount brackets, a suitable handrail must be used.
  • Use toughened only glass where a suitable handrail is in place.
  • Require an impact test on frameless balustrades. A Compliance Officer Glazing 1 must sign off on this test.

Use the above information only as a quick guide. Hence, consult official documentation and a professional before any work is carried out.