Glass Walls



Need to open up your office space? Let us help you bring the beauty of glass partitioning to the workplace.


Interior glass partitioning are even more versatile than you think. Especially considering our wall systems come in a range of minimalist designs that can match all project’s functional and aesthetic requirements. Choose from clear to obscure, sandblasted and even colored or vinyl glass ranges. As a result you can design and re-direct efficacy to all sight-lines creating privacy and extra security where needed. In addition, Sliding stacking / folding systems are available. Also noteworthy, are balustrade systems in many forms and formats.


Contemporary glass partitioning brings the benefits of unobstructed lighting.  Discreet channels allow for maximum aesthetics and unobtrusive transitions between offices. Inspired designs from previous clients have set the bar quite high. In conclusion, we accept custom projects and invite you to bring yours to the table.


All products are tried and tested according to all glass regulations. Please request certification per product.